LL.M. in Human Rights & International Law

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Hebrew University faculty of law

One-year Degree

Scholarships: Available

Housing: Available

Tuition: $16,000 USD

Application Fee: $330 USD

LL.M. in Intl. Business Law & Intellectual Property

International LL.M. in Human Rights and International Law

International experience is one of the most valuable things lawyers can have and it has never been easier to acquire. Every country in the world has a specialty of law in which it excels. For Israel, it's human rights and international law. Because Israel is required to solve pressing human rights issues on a daily basis, its lawyers have gained vast expertise in creating and implementing laws in this field.

In addition, with the rise of global terrorism, refugee crises, mass migrations, and government restrictions on civil liberties, human rights law is coming into focus as one of the critical issues of our time. 

The Hebrew University's Faculty of Law offers a unique LL.M. program that includes courses taught by internationally renowned scholars. Among our lecturers you will find both academics and specialists with experience in the creation and implementation of human rights and international law.

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